The 50 Best Restaurants in the World 2005


1. Fat Duck, Bray – Best in World/Best in Europe
2. El Bulli, Spain – Chef’s Choice
3. French Laundry, Yountville – Best in America
4. Tetsuya’s, Sydney – Best in Australasia
5. Gordon Ramsay Royal Hospital Road, London

多年前去Fat Duck的時候它還未出名,想不到現在卻高於所有其它歐洲餐廳之上。不過Fat Duck的主持Heston Blumenthal確是認真、好學而有創意。他未開餐館之前,花掉自己的錢去所有一流的餐廳吃飯學習,之後一直不斷研究改進,無論是歷史或科學,皆以參照。其實讀書做學問也自當如此:向最好的學習、自強不息。London的St John排第十,可喜也。有機會去倫敦的朋友可以試試。

這個排名把 Tetsuya 列在第五,似乎高了一些。Tetsuya 的食物不錯,但主要是材料好的fusion cuisine。不過,香港的Felix竟也榜上有名,可見這個排名不是太可靠。Felix的景觀當然一絕,但食物卻又貴又不好吃。


5 thoughts on “The 50 Best Restaurants in the World 2005

  1. Hi Allan,

    The building that houses the French Laundry was actually a real steam laundry originally. It was also a brothel at one point. I have not been there and I don’t know about dress code. I think generally smart causal would suffice. The web site is : If you do go, book early! Lunch is usually cheaper than dinner.

    I don’t think it is possible to comment on “recent reads”.

  2. hi hi, how to get the pix of the bookcover for the “recent reads”?

    Do you think the “Bullshit” and “Freakonomics” are good read?

  3. For recent reads, you just enter the ISBN and the site gets the pictures and the details from Amazon directly. I think you would like “Freakonomics”. The author was in HK last week and it was a great experience to listen to someone with such passion and honesty about research. His work on abortion and crime rate in the US was brilliant, as is the study on corruption in Summo wrestling. “Bullshit” is a very short book, and probably appeals more to philosophers.

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