university education in the future

Charles Vest is President Emeritus of MIT. In this article he talks about open online content and the role of universities in the future.

He mentions his "recurring nightmare in which students all over the world are sitting in front of a box, all viewing the same lecture." I have always thought that something like this is going to happen as online learning becomes more prevalent. Of course, students need not all watch the same lecture since content can come from all sorts of places. But lesser universities might consider subscribing to lectures from prestigious ones, cutting down costs by hiring only tutors locally and getting rid of expensive lecturers. Some more well-known universities might even consider joint degrees under such an arragement, if brand dilution is not a serious problem.


2 thoughts on “university education in the future

  1. I took PHIL1005 last year. I was referred to the upgraded course homepage today by a student who is now doing the course.

    Nice to find food lists there.

    Saw “Branto” on your to-go list. Went there a couple of weeks ago. I was introduced there by a gal from New Delhi. The place looked a bit dodgy (You know, it’s near Chungking Mansion), but food was good. Better book a table before you go.

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