Dark matter exists

Supposedly the most convincing evidence for dark matter so far:


Scientists have observed dark matter, the elusive stuff that makes up a quarter of the universe, in isolation for the first time. By studying a galaxy cluster 3 billion light years away, Marusa Bradac of the Kavli Institute for Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology (KIPAC), located at the Department of Energy’s Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC), and her colleagues made the landmark observations, which were announced today at a NASA teleconference. …

Dark matter is fundamentally different from luminous matter, which makes up only 4 percent of the mass of the universe. It is invisible to modern telescopes because it gives off no light or heat, and it appears to interact with other matter only gravitationally. In contrast, luminous matter makes up everything commonly associated with the universe—galaxies, stars, gases and planets.

Past observations have shown that luminous matter explains only a very small percentage of mass in the universe. The new research is the first to detect luminous matter and dark matter independent of one another, with the luminous matter clumped in one region and the dark matter clumped in another. These observations demonstrate the existence of two types of matter: one visible and one invisible.


One thought on “Dark matter exists

  1. “To detect this separation of dark and luminous matter, researchers compared X-ray images of the luminous matter with measurements of the cluster’s total mass. To learn the total mass, they took measurements of a phenomenon called gravitational lensing, which occurs when the cluster’s gravity distorts light from background galaxies. The greater the distortion, the more massive the cluster.” (KELEN TUTTLE)

    It’s abstract to think of “dark matter”. It seems that its existence is proved indirectly since it is invisible. I cannot imagine something (solid/liquid/gas?)invisible. If there is a “dark matter” between you and me, then will I see through it (transparent, invisible?) or be blocked by it (dark?)?

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