“joe lau” as an adjective

Now this xanga blog entry is flattering …

>上k low的tutorial有點難忘……真的很joe lau…… 說話很快, 好大壓力tim!haha~


5 thoughts on ““joe lau” as an adjective

  1. ha, ha, i have long ago used “joe lau” as an adjective, though perhaps haven’t yet done so in print. (glad that has finally happened, and yes, how flattering for you!) i think i use it rather differently though … i remember last time i was trying to describe a sage-like person to kw, one who uses few words and evinces a very centered sense of self and of life and the world in general. i was at a loss for words, and said, “you know, a very joe lau kind of aura!” and in truth, there are very few people i have encountered whom i can describe as such. a rare breed indeed!!

  2. Dear Helen, this is very kind of you, and rather embarassing for me. But given the way you have defined the term, I guess “joe lau is actually not joe lau” will be a true sentence. Will you be back this Xmas?

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