Positive (?) review of Logic book

There is a recent review of my co-authored logic book in The Times Higher Education Supplement. It has some very negative comments about the series in which the book is published, but the author thinks that the logic book is the best book so far in the series, which I take to be a compliment.

"The best understanding of writing textbooks is shown by the four joint authors of Logic. They meet their readers on the readers’ own ground, proceed at a manageable pace (but without becoming boring), and lace their expositions with a disarming sense of humour. Logic is a brain-stretching topic for most of us, once the basics are dealt with, and fierce concentration is needed to follow the more advanced sections of the book; but the authorial quattuorvirate keep us on their side by the consideration they display towards us. Admittedly, theirs is a subject particularly suited to textbook treatment, and this may have helped them come out on top."


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