Write your own philosophy search engine

Google Coop is a wonderful new service which allows you to define your own search engine for a particular topic or range of web sites. I have cooked up a philosophy search engine with the help of a perl script and OPP‘s directory of online philosophy papers. For want of a better name, it is called "pSearch". You can try it out here and see if it is any good.


3 thoughts on “Write your own philosophy search engine

  1. I am interested in studying philosophy and want to know whether there is a part time course in HK. If yes, which one is better?
    Thanks a lot!

  2. The HKU philosophy dept does not have part-time taught degree programmes. We do sometimes admit students for part-time PhDs. If you are looking for a taught MA, you can try the one at the Chinese University. For non-degree courses, HKU SPACE offers them regularly.

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