Book chapter on emotions

This book is published by the University of Hong Kong Law Faculty. I wrote the chapter on Martha Nussbaum’s theory of emotions, which is followed by her reply.

Message from Faculty of Law
New Publication – Hochelaga Lectures 2005

We are pleased to announce that ‘Hochelaga Lectures 2005’ has just
been published last month. The book contains the text of two
lectures and one seminar delivered by Professor Martha Nussbaum in
October 2005, a foreword by Professor Laurence Goldstein of the
University of Kent, and comments from Professor Joseph Chan, Dr Joe
Lau and Professor Ci Jiwei of the University of Hong Kong on
Nussbaum’s theories.

Professor Martha Nussbaum is the Ernst Freund Distinguished Service
Professor of Law and Ethics, appointed in the Philosophy Department,
Law School and Divinity School of The University of Chicago.

The list price is HKD 80 (book and postage for local addresses) or HKD
100 (book and postage for addresses outside Hong Kong). The order
form can be downloaded from the following link:


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