ciguatera (雪卡毒) and temperature reversal

Ciguatera often appears in Hong Kong news, with people getting poisoned by eating coral fish such as grouper. What is not reported is the surprising fact that in some cases this makes hot things feel cold and cold things feel hot. A nice example of qualia inversion!



Fish Poison makes Hot Things Feel Icy and Cold Things Feel Burning Hot
By Aaron Rowe
October 11, 2007

Grouper Eating some bad fish might not seem like the most spectacular way to ruin a tropical vacation, but for a 45-year-old man from England, a bit of tainted seafood was the beginning of a wild ride.

Cold water felt burning hot. Hot things felt icy cold. His tongue felt strange. Drinking alcohol or coffee only increased his suffering.

The patient had ciguatera poisoning — an ailment caused by ciguatoxin, a neurotoxin that is produced by microorganisms and found in a wide variety of tropical fish.


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