Critical thinking web ranks #7 on google

On 11 Nov, my critical thinking web ranks #7 on a google search for “critical thinking”, out of 56.3 million pages. This is the highest I have seen so far, and it seems that the ranking has gone up after I have redone the design.


4 thoughts on “Critical thinking web ranks #7 on google

  1. Thank you. As you know, these rankings come and go, so I would not take this too seriously. But being on the first page of google should increase the traffic, and hopefully more people would find the site useful.

    As for the surprising HKU ranking, I won’t comment on that, other than to point out that HKU now ranks higher than Stanford, and some might find this amusing.

  2. Dr Lau,

    That’s awesome, considering you are not a web designer / coder nor a SEO expert by profession.

    How did you achive that? Are there any SEO tricks to share with us? You know, your site got a pretty high page rank by any standard! It’s higher than some sites crafted by so called SEO experts.


  3. This is somewhat embarrassing. It turns out that google gives different results depending on where you are searching from. My site comes up very high if you are in HK, but not when you are, say, in the US. So it is no special achievement at all.

    But when I changed the design of the site the ranking did go up, and this seems to depend on:

    1. clean code so that the programs can identify the content easily.
    2. informative titles and keywords for individual pages.

    Of course, these are no secrets, and the main thing really depends on how many people link to you and who you are competing with.

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